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Star Math is a sci-fi turn-based strategy game where you use your maths to defeat the enemy! Humanity is fighting a robotic threat from space of its own making! Known as the SIN (Synthetic Intelligence Network). The megalomaniac AI gone mad is sending hoards of star ships in regular attacks against earth. You must assemble a group of four ships to cut through the hoard (Using your math skills) to defeat the mainframe controlling them! You will need to fight through a huge 100 area procedural saga map to defeat 9 boss ships, before you can square up to the mainframe in the final battle!

Key features include:

* Use your math skills to attack the enemy ships with the four basic functions( / * - + ) and many other special math functions in turn based combat!

* No time limits! Its about using numbers well and tactically, you can take your time to think about your moves.

* Massive deep adventure with hundreds of randomly generated missions that last from 5 to 30 minuets each.

* Huge roster of space ships to unlock and upgrade all with their own attributes and abilities.

* Lots of medals and upgrades to unlock.

* This game is intended to challenge teens and adults, but has a Kids mode and Baby mode for young children and learners.

* Lots of interesting math functions to use such as; prime numbers, factorials and square route. All to encourage maths discovery but you are never forced to use them.

* This game will give you something back for your time. Better math skills without a calculator :-)


math battle APR 2022 DEMO X2.zip 243 MB

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