--///\///\--SUPER ULTIMATE EDITION--///\///\--

-----First a list of major Changes/Additions-----

* New! 5 new types of pistol for lander missions including shotgun and bounce shot!

* Landers are now sometimes armed, with randomly generated stats for guns based on level.

* New! Random rainbow warp holes can take you to any jump but the last on backwards or forwards!

* New! Asteroid storms!! System wide massive asteroid storms can appear an make havoc!

* New! Comets! Comets can now appear, you can use the tail to hide or lose missles or mines or mine them for massive amounts of ice!

* New! Call in help from earth!!! You can now find and start with a beacon to call in a dreadnought from earth to help you or a strike wing of AT-wing fighters!

* New! Level up system! Your pilots stats now improve with level ups!

* New! Buy crates for your next run to give you a fighting chance from the ship screen!

* New! 10 new turret types!!! including rocket pods, nebula gun and plasma flamer!!! Buy em in shops or find in crates.

* New! Endless mode! how many jumps can you do with no end point? Steam achievements to go with it!

* New! Mission mode!! Endless random missions to play based on a difficulty tier system!! can you become a Legend? Steam achievements to go with it too.

* New! Now you can get scrap for trashing items!

* Several new space enemies including a massive factory ship dreadnought and a new ground enemy the tank!

* New medium and small derelicts to land on!

-----Smaller additions and game changes include-----

* Lander pointer, so you can always find your lander when in your suit. (especially for space game junkie :-) )

* Gui is now more random as it pops up on the screen.

* Nebula hiding is now more effective.

* Most items in the inventory now display health bars.

* Pain sounds for pilots in ground combat.

* You can now sell without sell drones when your over a shop, no fuel or big scrap required just sell from your inventory as usual but its free!

* All player and ship stats are now displayed in the inventory sceen. It really helps to see it when you do small upgrades ect you can now see what your stats are.

* 2 new coin types that are worth more cash to find in ground missions, Platinum coin and gold bar.

* 2 new sun backgrounds.

* New art for the game start screen.

* Lots of general game fixes.


Oct 01, 2019


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